[PODCAST] – Joe Teo – Social Media Management Productization With HeyOrca CEO

What if Google Sheets Had A Baby with Hootsuite? HeyOrca is the Result!  Now it is one of the dominant platforms out there for social media management. 

Joe Teo founded and started a company called HeyOrca.com. You have probably heard about HeyOrca because it is one of the dominant platforms out there for social media management.

In This Episode We Are Talking About How To Productize. There Are Four Topics We're Going To Talk About Today, Content Approval, Remote And Multiple Team Members, Reporting And Validating And Client Management.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Joe,“The Chief Executive Orca” Says They Work Backwards In Building Software.
  • What if Google Sheets Had A Baby with Hootsuite? 
  • Content Approval, The 800 Pound Gorilla In The Room.
  • How Does HeyOrca Handle Remote and Multiple Team Members?
  • What Kind Of Reporting Do You Have Every Month Or Week?
  • All Right, Final Question, Client Management. 
  • Spotlight Agency

Joe Teo is the CEO of HeyOrca - a social media management platform built for marketing agencies to save time and build client trust. He was featured on Twitter Canada’s list of 20 Canadian tech startup founders. Joe is inspired by the challenges and satisfaction of helping build the agencies of the future.

HeyOrca has been named one of the top 20 B2B tech companies in Canada by G2 Crowd. More than 400 marketing agencies around the world use HeyOrca to save time and stay organized. HeyOrca is proud to be a world class software, served with Canadian hospitality,that helps you create a platform that allows you to create, get approvals, publish, and get the reporting that your clients will understand, all in one place! What makes them different from other social media management platforms is they always focus on the end client experience, because they know that if your clients are happy, the agency is happy.

Joe,“The Chief Executive Orca” Says They Work Backwards In Building Software.

Joe explains how they work backwards in building that software. It is built from the ground up for an agency to come in and manage hundreds of their clients and provide all of the tools they need in a single interface.They went from using Hootsuite, the dominant platform at time, to creating their own platform.  They realized that there's no good way to involve clients into the content creation process without them being overwhelmed. Hear how they solved this problem! 

What if Google Sheets had a baby with Hootsuite?

They had a client at the time ask them, “What If Google Sheets had a baby with Hootsuite? That's when they started experimenting with their client base. Then more and more agencies came to them and said, “Hey, can we use your client facing tool? They shifted from building agencies to building a software to benefit more agency owners around the world. 

Content Approval, The 800 Pound Gorilla In The Room.

We started with content approval. This is by far the number one thing I hear from my clients who manage social media. How do they get the content approved quicker!
HeyOrca has a visualization post feature and it is a game changer! Once your content is approved; it literally visualizes the actual post. The client can actually see what will be put out on Facebook or Instagram or wherever for the client to see. So from the clients perspective, this is exactly what it's gonna look like. You think about it, it's not just about the visualization, it's also about getting your clients to understand what you're actually doing for them.
Visualization is an attack to solve the strategic issue. Clients struggle with taking the time to approve the content. They're always like,“I'm too busy”. HeyOrca help get rid of that 800 pound content gorilla.
 It's really the unique way in which we get your clients to review.

HeyOrca Helps To Streamline And Most Importantly Set Up Editorial Guidelines While Remote.

One of the biggest values you can add to your clients, is actually not the tactical work. It's actually your expertise and your relationship. That's what you should focus on as an agency owner, along with the tactical stuff, right? 
So, you outsource the tactical stuff, but how do you stay in sync with your outsourced quality?  How do you outsource it and keep the quality up? HeyOrca takes care of that for you. Everything is logged within HeyOrca so that you know all of the relevant information is always in one place. You don't have to sift through emails because the system does it for you. It is cool man! And a bonus is that the audit trail also helps in internal reporting:)

What Kind Of Reporting Does Orca Have To Help Clients Every Month Or Week?

The way HeyOrca does its reporting is from the client’s standpoint. Such as, What are some of the things that the clients need to know to be able to make a decision on whether you did a good job or a bad job? So, after talking to clients, they built a reporting feature that actually shows productivity numbers. Their platform shows you the number of content amounts that you have created over a range of time. So many clients want to know what content is working and what's not, this visualizes the top 10 posts, and they can click through to this interactive system. It is a very simple and interactive way of keeping the reporting and keeping the clients happy.

All Right, Final Question, Client Management.

HeyOrca has some really awesome tools when it comes to client management! Talk about audit trails? Check out their system! If you have a team member that's not doing a good job, you can drill down and confirm that they're not meeting your quality assurance level! Also, anytime someone has an idea, Just take a photo, send it to us. In a nutshell, it makes managing a client for Agency owners a lot easier!I
When it comes down to it, you're in charge of your agency or small business. Client Management boils down to, your clients want to hear from you. The more time you can spend with your clients, the better because at the end of the day, you're building trust. 
HeyOrca helps you build trust while productizing. It gives you the system you need to make your life easier!


HeyOrca is all about helping others and educating small businesses on the benefits of Agencies. So, HeyOrca.com actually does an agency spotlight every couple weeks so if you want to be featured on that, Send Joe an email at Joe@heyorca.com.

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